Upcoming Events

Annual Meeting
Monday, January 27th

Lunch Speaker Series - Thursday, January 30th
Michael Ganske - Silver Eagle Consulting, LLC
"Wikileaks - the Bradley/Chelsea Manning Story"

Chocolate-Lovers' Gourmet Night 
Saturday, February 8th

Lunch Speaker Series - Thursday, February 13th
Dr. Andrew Roth
"Valentine's Day: A Brief History"
"How Did a Roman Fertility Ritual Morph Into
Greeting Cards, Chocolate, Roses & Wine?"


Welcome to the Erie Club, housed in the historic General Charles Manning Reed Mansion, listed on the United States Department of the Interior National Register of Historic Places since 1982. The Erie Club is recognized as the finest private social club in Northwest Pennsylvania. 

Mission Statement

“The Mission of the Erie Club is to provide its members and their guests with excellence in fine dining and facilities of the highest quality in the renovated Charles Manning Reed Mansion. All renovations will be historically and architecturally correct as well as fiscally justified.”